INTERIOR. I wanted to show you some more house warming gifts. We've been given anything from fluffy towels to tea towels, table runners and candles, but some things are more "fun" to show than other. These cute espresso little cups are one of those things. I actually picked them myself in TK Maxx. You might remember the fruit bowl we got from George's stepmum and dad, that I also picked in TK Maxx? We got these at the same time. They were only like £4! So cute. I like that they have a black background, they make them a bit different (and they look nice next to that fruit bowl). 
They are absolutely perfect! We actually use them quite a lot (or George do, I drink bigger coffees with more milk in them), even though I only got them becaue they were cheap and cute (which normally goes against my mind set when buying interior). As I've previously mentioned I like to only buy things that I really really want and need, not to get things "just because". I'd rather wait to get something until I find the perfect version of it, than to get it when I need it. A bit silly maybe, but I reckon I'll end up spending more money if I get "the first best thing" instead of what I actually want - because in the end I'll get that anyway as well as "the first best". 
We also got these olive picks from George's mum. I like food that you kinda pick & mix, so they are perfect. They go really well with the rest of my kitchen stuff as well. 
I'll keep introducing you to our home in little bits, as it grows more to be a "home". It was pretty much empty when we moved in but we are slowling adding things to it to make it ours. I love that we are in no rush getting the place together, that way it will reflect us more and actually be filled with things we need/use. 


INTERIOR. Since we moved in to our news house, which was pretty much empty (except for a bed, a massive sofa and a kitchen table with chairs), I find it much more fun to invest in interior and decoration than I did when living in a house share, even if it was with my friends. Now I feel like I'm creating a home, and I want to buy things that I can use for a really long time (or until they break). I don't like to buy things for convenience (e.g. we need this right now, so we'll get the first best thing), I want to buy things that I really like and that goes with the rest of the room/interior. Also, I already have a lot of home wear since living on my own in Stockholm, so I don't want to get doubles of something I know I already have. Unfortunately all of my things are in Sweden, and will be moved to England shortly as people come to visit me and/or when I go back home. When Agnes and Emelie are coming in just two weeks they will bring my wine glasses and a cheese slicer.
Wine glasses are a perfect example of things I don't want to buy because I already have some. I already have six (or maybe even eight, I can't remember) really nice, hand-made ones that I got for my graduation, so I don't see the point in buying new ones and then having loads of them. Also, if I were to buy new ones now I'd get really cheap ones (mainly because I'm poor, but also because I already have nice, expensive ones), and then they'd just be put away when my pretty wine glasses arrive. George has been going mental at me because I refuse to buy more than two cheap wine glasses (which, in my opinion, is sufficient until we get the other ones), but now they are finally coming! I can't wait! They are so pretty and will look lovely in our new place. I'll show them to you when they arrive. 
A cheese slicer I would buy if I could find one in this country, but it seems impossible. I know IKEA sells them, but I can't go to IKEA for yet another few weeks (IKEA is outside of London and it's a bit awkward getting there), so I've asked my mum to send me one with Emelie and Agnes. Until then I need to cut the cheese with a knife. Meaning thick, cheese slices. I do not approve. (First world problems). 
But, that's actually not what this post was supposed to be about. I was going to show you my new fruit bowl! It's actually a house warming gift from George's stepmum and dad, but I got to choose it. Our kitchen has got a black stone floor and white cupboards, so It think the black bowl fits quite nicely in there. Also, I think copper is cute and makes it a little bit modern. I got it at TK Maxx, if you were wondering. I think it was in the sale, either way it was rather cheap (it's TK Maxx).
What do you think about it? Also, what kind of interior do you like? x


Jag är sjuk you guys. Men besökte läkaren idag så nu kan jag inte annat än bli bättre!
Har ägnat dagarna sedan jag kom hem från Italien med att se om alla X-Men filmerna, och idag klarade jag av den sista. Sådant man får göra när man är sjuk, ni vet. Så nu sitter jag och väntar spänt på nästa Wolverine-film.
På bilden har ni världsbra födelsedagspresenter som jag fick av Agnes och Lena. Ett maffigt halsband, just the way I like it, och lite hårprodukter handplockade av min alldeles egna frisör. xx
I'm not feeling too well, so I have been spending the last couple of days watching all of the X-Men movies. Just finished the last one actually.
On the picture above you can see a birthday present I got from Agnes and Lena. I misssss them so much, but I'm gonna spend some time with them as soon as I get better. xx