My favourite bag at the moment happens to be this clutch from Coast, which I only bought because I had a press voucher that was about to expire. I don't really use bags, especially not the kind that you need to hold on to all the time, but for some reason I like this one. I've filled it up with the following:
Headphones, keys + a whistle that looks like a bird, Templespa lip balm "All Talk", Essie "Mademoiselle", L'Occitaine handcream, Oyster card and some change. 


Yesterday I had one of those "I'm unemployed and it sucks" kinda days (they are starting to stack up now and it's not fun!) so I met up with George when he finished his work just to get out of the house and actuallt do something. We spent some time in a park next to St. Pauls before we walked all the way to Holborn trying to find somewhere to eat. We ended up at Bill's and I had this smashing halloumi burger with sweet potato fries. Yum!!
Today is a better day. I've got an interview this afternoon and just confirmed another interview on Monday! Cross your fingers for me, loves! x


This Monday I did a photoshoot for Darccy London, where I interned a few weeks ago if any of you remember that. Here are a few photos from behind the scenes.
Lunch on the way to the shoot. We shot in the beautiful Hampstead Heath, right by Pond 1.
Waiting... It was boiling that day, so loads of water was available!
Look how pretty it was when we were packing up!
And two more from Darccy London's instagram (you can find them at @darccylondon). It was loads of fun to do this shoot, but the finally product won't be out until February when Darccy release their look book for S/S -15. I'll try to see if I can get hold of some more behind the scenes pictures though, if that's the case I'll post them some other day! x