JEWELLERY. I love a good ear party! The more the merrier as they say, and I definitely think that is the case with earrings. I currently sport five piercings myself, and I'm always thinking about where to place my next ones. I'm itching to add at least two more piercings to my ears in the near future, and seeing as it is pretty much a year ago since the last addition I think it's about time soon again. The above ears are currently my inspiration, both regarding what jewellery to look out for and add to my collection as well as where to pierce my ears next. 
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HEELED SANDALS. I made myself a promise last month that I would spend some money this month on shoes which don't make my feet boil in the summer heat. I only own black leather boots, which gets rather hot in the summer. I bought these shoes yesterday, and they are perfect for work and everyday wear, and they are really cute with jeans and trousers meaning I will be able to wear them as it gets a bit colder as well. They are however not great dancing shoes, so for nights out I'm still stuck with leather boots. Don't get me wrong, I love a good boot, but it just gets so hot. And I also don't really want to risk ruining my boots. Conclusion: I need another pair of summer shoes, something that translates well from day to night, is super comfy and dance friendly. 
All above shoes are from Topshop, and I think they could be perfect. I especially quite like the plain black ones and the grey ones with buckles, so I might go and try them out nearer the weekend. I'll keep you posted if I decide to invest in a pair.
Sleep tight! x
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Current status: On the sofa, in my pyjamas, with coconut oil in my hair. Just about to hit the shower and wash it all out. 
Hope you've had a lovely day. x
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