It's friday - yay!! Thought I should publish some more pictures from when Rebecka & I took some photos at Brick Lane a couple of weeks back. I'm currently at school working some on my Buying & Product Development project, even though it's going slow it's at least getting somewhere. This weekend is pretty busy, but I think it will result in some nice material for this blog if nothing else. Tonight I'm planning a quiet night in though, a proper study night actually! What are you guys up to this friday? xx


I know that a lot of you want me to do more posts about the nightlife in London etc, but I'm just so lousy when it gets to taking pictures whilst being out and about during night time. So I thought that I could post these photos from The Nest last Saturday instead. It's mainly me & Gwen on the pictures, but you can also spot Raina on the two of them. x


Today has been a busy day, but quite nice as well. The sun was shining in London for a change, and it really felt as if spring is just around the corner. I started my day by oversleeping a bit, very unintentional and it happens EVERY damn Wednesday. After rushing to my Marketing Class, which was held at Felicities - a PR agency in East London. It was a really nice class, we did some PR/marketing exercise and got to know some of the designers they represent (I'll tell you more about my favourite one later this week!). Here is me and my breakfast smoothie from this really great place in Shoreditch called Fix 126, it's located on Rivington Street if I remember correctly. 
This one lives at Felicities and is part of David Longshaws A/W14 collection (and he is the designer I plan on telling you more about later this week, because I'm truly fascinated by his work). Back to the Badger. Who is called Beryl. And that is kinda all I've got to say.
When class was finished (this was also my last marketing class, next week I start Fashion Entrepreneurship which I really think is going to be fun!) I went home to pick up Rebecka before going to school for Buying & Product Development Intermediate. We thought we were going to have a lecture about lingerie today, but our lovely tutor Susan thought differently and decided that because of the sunny weather we were going on a fieldtrip instead!!
We went to loads of different places, to everything from small boutiques to art exhibitions. My favourite was the White Cube, which we also made a visit to last year with the beginners class of Buying and Product Development. Of course it was completely different this time, but I must say I really love the White Cube. Definitely one of my favourite London museums/art galleries/exhibitions. White Cube, Natural History Museum, Tate Modern and National Portrait Gallery are my favourites actually - if you were wondering.
I'm not sure if I liked it more the first time we went here or not, it was very different but I really do appreciate everything they do at this place. And the building itself is inspiring enough on it's own. Just go see it all if you're in London, it's amazing. Easiest way to get there is to take the tube to London Bridge station and then stroll over there, doesn't take long at all. 
Not the most flattering picture, but my crew for the day was (as usual) Tash & Rebecka. Love 'em! You wouldn't believe it by looking at this picture, but jeez those girls are cray cray as they say over the Atlantic. Cracks me up every single day. School would not be the same without them.
When we finished school around 6pm we were all starving, and me and my two partners in crime decided to head to Scandinavian Kitchen (best little grocery shop + coffee shop ever, they've got Swedish food, treats and snacks!!) for some meatballs and, of course, semlor! A semla is a bun filled with almond icing and whipped cream - and it's just as delicious as it sounds like. Yum.
After this I felt a bit sick though, and assuming it was just too much food eaten a bit too quickly (a semla is a big deal, it fills you up quite quickly with all that bread and whipped cream) I headed for the gym anyway. Had to leave after only 30 minutes though, everything was spinning and I felt even worse. Got home and slept for 2 hours and now I feel better, but still not on top. Going to bed now though, keeping my fingers crossed that I'll wake up tomorrow feeling much better. Can't be sick right now!! 
What have you been up to today? xx