Last week we were shooting for an upcoming project at this gorgeous place in Winchester called Lainston House. It's a hotel, and it was absolutely beautiful - inside and outside. So cosy but also so fab. I completely fell in love with it!
Hoope you are having a lovely bank holiday Monday! x
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Happy bank holiday weekend! What are y'all up to? I started the weekend with a date night on Friday eve, then went to a day party yesterday and today we haven't done much yet. I think we are meeting up with a few friends later on this evening for a drink or five, but right now we are watching the Formula1. I was cheering for Max Vestappen until he crashed (sorry - spoiler). I already know who won though, I saw it on Facebook just before we started watching it, but oh well.
If you keep your eyes peeled tomorrow I'm gonna show you where I've been working from this week, it was so beautiful! If you follows me on social media you already know, I both tweeted and instagrammed about it. Stay tuned! xxx


Heya! I'm currently watching Peaky Blinders and trying out some new Korean beauty products I ordered not that long ago (live updates on my Twitter). Since I started using Korean beauty products my skin is so much better, and I can't stop telling people how great they are. 
The photo above is from the last Bank Holiday - there is another one this weekend and I'm looking forward to a three day off from work to do everything and nothing. I've been working a couple of weekends lately and even though I love my job it becomes quite intense when you don't disconnect. So here's to a weekend of disconnecting!
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