Christmas is just around the corner now (yay!) and I've already started to purchase Christmas presents. I bloody love Christmas, and decorating the house and wrapping presents is just pure joy to me. I will admit that I don't have many Christmas decorations (yet), I've been house sharing since I moved to London so it was never really a priority until last year when I had my first own flat. Christmas decorations are also quite expensive, considering you are limited to when you can use them, and I therefore try to buy them after Christmas, when they go on sale. 
Anyhow, this post is not meant to be about Christmas decorations, but about Christmas presents! I mentioned earlier that I've already started buying Christmas presents, and for those whose presents I have bought yet, I've got most of them figured out. I can't disclose what I've bought others (for obvious reasons), but I can talk about what I wish for! If you are struggling to think of Christmas presents for your girlfriend/sister/daughter/friend, then this might be of help (hi mum, hi dad!). 
I'm a massive beauty junkie as you probably already now, and I do think that beauty products make perfect presents. I've lately started obsessing about Zoeva, and bought their Caramel Melange palette on Black Friday. I hope it will arrive early this week, as I can't wait to start playing around with it. It looks so beautiful! I also really like their Cocoa Blend and Blanc Fusion palettes - all three has got really good reviews and work wonderful together. An eyeshadow palette is a great Christmas gift, not only are they super useful (especially during the holidays), but they are also really good value. These palettes are £17.50 each. 
Zoeva also do some lovely brushes, which are of really good quality. Brushes are one of those things that I rarely treat myself to, which is why they are such a good gift! A good quality brush can make such a difference, and is well worth the investment. This set is a bit on the pricey side (£105), but Zoeva (and many other brands, such as Morphe Brushes) offer plenty of different sets at various price points. 
A blush palette is another thing I might not buy for myself, but would love to get as a gift. I'm not very adventurous with blushes, I like a nude/peachy/pinky, very subtle blush, which is what I love about the palette above. Some of the darker, more tanned one would definitely work as a bronzer for me - and if you've been following this blog for a while you'll know that I love a good bronzer. This palette retails for £14,50, which is a very reasonable price for a palette of this size!
I've been using the ABH pressed powder one contour kit for almost a year now, and I still haven't hit the pan on any of the colours! I did recently start to experiment with a contour stick, and I'm now sold on the cream contour as well. I love to first use the stick, and then set it with a bit of the powder. One of my next beauty purchases (or Christmas gifts?) will therefore definitely be the ABH Cream Contour Kit. This one is also a little bit on the pricey side (£39), but it lasts for ages which makes it worth the money. 
When you've got skin like mine (dry, flakey, sensitive and eczema prone) you need base products which won't budge for anything. Earlier this year I tried Pai's Rosehip Oil, which is for hypersensitive skin. It helps reduce redness and fine lines, and keeps your skin moisturised and plump. When products normally promise this, that's not always the case on my skin. It sometimes feels like nothing can make the sandpaper which is my skin soft and comfortable, but this is a true miracle worker! I'm completely converted, and everyone I speak to, regardless of skin type, seem to love rosehip oil too. Those who have I've spoken to with more oily skin than me have sometimes said that they've replaced their face cream with rosehip oil, but I just use it as part of my skin care routine, before my face cream but after my serum.
Not only do I spend a lot of time and money on serums and face creams, but I also like a good primer and foundation to make sure that my skin looks its best. I've heard nothing but good things about the Glossier Moisturizing Primer, which is also anti-redness (be gone eczema!). The packaging is also super cute, which is always a bonus. I would also love to try out the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation. The foundation has got a full coverage, which isn't what I'd normally wear for day to day use (I'm more of a medium kinda gal), but for long nights and early mornings it might be a life saver. I love all of my other UD products, but I'm yet to try one of their foundations. 
Another UD product that I would like to restock on (yes, this is a product I've had before, but sadly I've run out of it) is their All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray. I know from experience that this product is amazing, not only for setting your face before a long day (or night), but also for when your makeup needs a refresh during the day. 
Another great Christmas present is perfume, which shouldn't come as a surprise. My current favourite is the POP by Stella McCartney. Earlier this year we helped out at the launch for this perfume, which is when I first discovered it, and I've been obsessing about it since then. 
Last but not least on this list is the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, which was originally created for Audrey Hepburn. It's the brand's hero product, the first pre-shampoo treatment. Philip Kingsley specialises in sensitive scalp and hair loss (great if you're battling eczema), and got plenty of exciting hair masks which can help if you are suffering from any kind of scalp problems. I tend to get eczema in my scalp from time to time, but they have plenty of products which really helps. I've been using the Elasticizer before, and love it, but I've run out and would need a new one. It makes my hair so soft and bouncy, when used regularly it makes my hair look so healthy. 
I hope you enjoy this post, please let me know your thoughts in the comments. I will try to get another wish list posted this week, to give you some more inspiration and gift ideas. Speak soon! x
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BLACK. Ever since I started following @designbyaikonik on Instagram I have been obsessing over flatlays. She is honestly the queen of perfecting a flatlay, and she shows you all her tips and tricks on Snapchat as well. I've decided to start practice, practice makes perfect as they say, so expect to see much more flatlays popping up both here and on my Instagram and Pinterest in the near future.
In flatlay above: all relative new things that I haven't shown on this blog before, but that I'm currently obsessing about. Chloé by Chloé perfume has become my go to perfume recently, after I realised I had a sample which I've never used, but which I have had since I first started subscribing to Glossybox years ago (this was when Glossybox first was launched, guys, it's that long ago). After discovering it in a box, tucked away in my makeup stash, I started using it everyday, finally buying a bigger version. 
I recently ran out of mascara and wanted to try something new. I have been loving the Urban Decay Perversion and Subversion since I bought them in January, and I would highly recommend them to anyone - they are so good. They are quite pricey, as buying both of them means you will get a receipt for about £40, but they lasted me 6 months (!). And I use a lot of mascara. However, I have heard so many good things about the above mascara from KIKO, and it is less than a tenner, so I felt stupid not to try it out. I'm going to be honest with you though, and the first week I hated it. We were enemies, and every morning was a fight trying to make my eyelashes look somewhat reasonable. But now, we are slowly coming to like each other. The last week my eyelashes have had some really really good days. I will let you know later how I feel about it, once I've tried it out for longer I will be able to give it a proper review. 
Lipstick is Velvet Teddy from Mac. It's been my go to lip product since I bought it, and I can't believe I did get it sooner. I thought I would think it was too brown, but oh how wrong I was. And I always get compliments when I'm wearing it. Winning. 
And then, of course, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I finished the book yesterday and I'm left feeling kind of empty. It was bitter sweet being reunited with my childhood dreams. I'm a little bit disappointed, I'm not going to lie. It wasn't what I was hoping for it to be. But then, I'm not sure if my expectations were too high... Considering that I'm comparing a script not written by J.K. Rowling to seven wonderful, magical books, which created a whole world full of everything I could ever wish for - I was going to be disappointed, weren't I? Have you guys read it yet? What are your thoughts?
Last, but not least, shoes from Zara. I bought these today, after searching far and wide for shoes which are not black, leather boots, but something a bit more summer friendly. I think me and my new shoes are going to become really good friends. You just wait and see.
(Rings are not new, but I needed something to fill out the empty space. Tips I've learnt from amazing Instagram mentioned in the beginning of this post.)
Speak soon. x
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Hi my lovelies! Christmas is now pretty much over, and I've had such a good time. I'm currently in Sweden and won't be returning to London until the 30th of December, having some time off before the new year. We went down to Devon to celebrate Christmas with George's family last Saturday, and we stayed there until Wednesday when we flew to Sweden. It's mine and George's first Swedish Christmas together, last year we celebrated with his family, and it has been so nice to introduce him to my traditions. If you didn't already know we celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December, which was on Thursday, and that was also our first full day in Sweden. Yesterday, Friday, we had a lunch with my mum's family and then we went out for a night out. The 25th of December is one of the biggest clubbing nights in Sweden, and it was really busy! Today we went for dinner with some of my oldest and bestest friends, but otherwise it's been a quiet day. The last couple of weeks have been pretty intense so it was nice with a calm day. We haven't really made much plans for the next couple of days because I want to be able to take the days a little bit as they come, but there's still a few people I haven't had the chance to see yet. 
How has your Christmas been so far? I hope it's been just as lovely as mine has! Speak soon, 

Lots of love, 

J xx