INTERIOR. I love this colour combination - pinky copper mixed with grey. It makes for such a trendy and contemporary style. If the grey comes in the form of some bare concrete or slate that's even better, I love the rough luxe look when it's combined with more expensive materials such as silk and faux fur. 
I think grey is a great colour to have as a base in most rooms, as it is easy to update and very versatile. Accessories and fabrics are relatively easy and inexpensive to replace depending on trends and season. I'm currently going for a dark grey and dark blue in our bedroom, with golden details. I'm also looking for some natural materials, such as wood, to incorporate, potentially in the shape of bedside tables and/or shelves.
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MAKEUP. I love a warm eye makeup, which is ironic becaue when I recently went through my eyeshadows, I realised that most of them actually are cool toned. I think that together with dewy, glowing skin it looks so healthy, and puts a nice focus on the eyes without becoming too heavy. Peach, terracotta, champagne, warm brown and bronze, they all work so nicely together and are so versatile, transitional and adaptable, great for all seasons and occassions. A more toned down version works well for the office/work, but is also super easy to amp up for a night out. And most importantly, it works so well with a little bit of rose gold added (because who doesn't like rose gold). 
Since the revelation that I *clearly* need more (warm) eyeshadows in my collection, I've had a little browse around to see what I like, and yes, the Too Faced Chocolate Bar is high up on my wishlist, but so is also the Morphe Palettes below. Which are your favourite eyeshadow palettes? And do you also prefer a warm eyemakeup to a cool toned, or are you all about those silver shades?
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HAIR CARE. The other week I got the opportunity to try a few products from label.m, which is part of Toni&Guy. I received a shampoo and a conditioner from their organic range, which is sulphate free. If you're not sure why sulphates are the bad guys, there's a great article over at Sheerluxe breaking it down for you, but to summarise it sulphates can strip your hair of its natural oils, as well as it makes your hair overall more brittle. I also receive two pieces from their Therapy range, which is sulphate and paraben free and are meant to adverse the effects of hair ageing. 
I have been using these products (and actually almost only these products) for a couple of weeks now and I'm honestly so happy with the result. I have naturally got quite thick hair, but it keeps falling out due to the fact that I not only have hypothyroidism, but also severe eczema which sometimes (read: often) spreads to my scalp. If I use the wrong shampoos and conditioners it gets worse, and it has now got to a point where my hair is quite thin. This is obviously comperative to what my hair naturally is like. Since I started using the products pictured above my hair is falling out much less, and I would highly recommend them to others with sensitive scalp! It also smells amazing, which you all know by now is really important to me. I feel like often when you have sensitive skin you are quite restricted to products which doesn't smell very nice, so it makes me really excited when I can use products which smells as good as these do. 
I have also been using the Rejuvenating Protein Cream which I love. This is quite thick so I only tend to apply it on damp hair, but my hair looks much healthier since using it (this might also be due to the shampoo and conditioner). When your hair falls out I feel what is left can start to look dull quite quickly, which this has helped to prevent. 
The only product which hasn't taken me by storm is the Rejuvenating Oil Mist. Yes, it smells absolutely amazing, but I feel I've got better hair oils than this one. When sprayed into wet/damp hair it works really nicely, but on dry hair I feel it's a little bit thick. I do however love the spray, I hate it when hair oils needs to be poured out. It's just messy. Maybe if your hair is thickers than mine this would be perfect. I want to stress that I actually don't think this product is bad in any way, I just prefer others to it. 
If you'd like to know more about my hair care routine and what other products I use to improve the health of my hair and scalp, I will be filming a video on this in the next couple of weeks. If there is anything specific you would like me to talk about, let me know in the comments!
Toni&Guy/label.m is currently on the hunt for the next face of the label.m brand for 2017, and you could apply! You only have to upload a selfie via, and every month someone wins £150 worth of label.m products (which is pretty damn good even if you don't get the modelling contract). You can apply here.
Toni&Guy is the official sponsor of LFW, and label.m is the official hair care product of LFW. 
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