HAIR CARE. The other week I got the opportunity to try a few products from label.m, which is part of Toni&Guy. I received a shampoo and a conditioner from their organic range, which is sulphate free. If you're not sure why sulphates are the bad guys, there's a great article over at Sheerluxe breaking it down for you, but to summarise it sulphates can strip your hair of its natural oils, as well as it makes your hair overall more brittle. I also receive two pieces from their Therapy range, which is sulphate and paraben free and are meant to adverse the effects of hair ageing. 
I have been using these products (and actually almost only these products) for a couple of weeks now and I'm honestly so happy with the result. I have naturally got quite thick hair, but it keeps falling out due to the fact that I not only have hypothyroidism, but also severe eczema which sometimes (read: often) spreads to my scalp. If I use the wrong shampoos and conditioners it gets worse, and it has now got to a point where my hair is quite thin. This is obviously comperative to what my hair naturally is like. Since I started using the products pictured above my hair is falling out much less, and I would highly recommend them to others with sensitive scalp! It also smells amazing, which you all know by now is really important to me. I feel like often when you have sensitive skin you are quite restricted to products which doesn't smell very nice, so it makes me really excited when I can use products which smells as good as these do. 
I have also been using the Rejuvenating Protein Cream which I love. This is quite thick so I only tend to apply it on damp hair, but my hair looks much healthier since using it (this might also be due to the shampoo and conditioner). When your hair falls out I feel what is left can start to look dull quite quickly, which this has helped to prevent. 
The only product which hasn't taken me by storm is the Rejuvenating Oil Mist. Yes, it smells absolutely amazing, but I feel I've got better hair oils than this one. When sprayed into wet/damp hair it works really nicely, but on dry hair I feel it's a little bit thick. I do however love the spray, I hate it when hair oils needs to be poured out. It's just messy. Maybe if your hair is thickers than mine this would be perfect. I want to stress that I actually don't think this product is bad in any way, I just prefer others to it. 
If you'd like to know more about my hair care routine and what other products I use to improve the health of my hair and scalp, I will be filming a video on this in the next couple of weeks. If there is anything specific you would like me to talk about, let me know in the comments!
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As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm losing a lot of hair. This can be because of my thyroid, as hair loss is a common symptom when you have a thyroid problem, but as I'm medicated correctly I don't think that is what's causing it. I'm also suffering from bad eczemas due to food allergies, and have lately developed a prickly heat thingy - meaning I go bubbly and itchy when I get too warm. It's horrible. Either way, I think this allergy problem is what's causing my hair to fall out, as it makes my scalp too sensitive and probably troubled by rashes (although you can't see anything). I've asked around and done some research, and this shampoo from the Body Shop has got some of the best reviews. It is mainly an anti-dandruff shampoo but people who are suffering from hair loss because of several reasons are swearing by it, as it helps control the hair loss. I've so far only used it twice, but I've actually noticed a difference, as my hair within a few days stopped falling out as badly. At the same time I've started doing an oil treatment (castor oil + coconut oil) for my scalp and hair, which I told you about yesterday. I don't know if it is the combination of the ginger shampoo and the oil treatment, or if it is either of the two on their own, but something is working at least. The shampoo smells nice (like ginger bread), and it's only about £4. It's really gentle for your hair/skin/scalp, and your hair feels really nice afterwards. I really like it! So either way, if you are troubled by dry scalp/hair or if your scalp is itchy or whatever, you should give this shampoo a go! x


Right now I'm obsessing about coconut oil, as it's supposed to be great for almost everything - especially if you've got a thyroid problem (which I do). Right now I'm putting a table spoon in my tea or coffee to get a little bit in me every day, and even though it's a bit weird in tea it's actually really nice in coffee. Other than that I use it for making a nourishing hair mask, applying it together with castor oil about every fifth day. It has acctually made my hair really nice and soft, and shiny! It looks much healthier. Because of my thyroid and all of my eczemas I got a really sensitive scalp and a lot of my hair is falling out, hence the reason to why I'm also using castor oil as it doesn't only make your hair grow quicker but it also prevents hair loss. First I massage castor oil and some coconut oil into my scalp and roots (castor oil is really thick and sticky, so the coconut oil makes it a bit easier to work with) ankd then I apply coconut oil to the rest of my hair. I let it sit and do it's oily magic for at least an hour (as long as possible really) before I wash it out. It can be a bit tricky to get the castor oil out of your hair, but washing it with shampoo twice and then condition it as usual works for me. Try it! x