INTERIOR. Since we moved in to our news house, which was pretty much empty (except for a bed, a massive sofa and a kitchen table with chairs), I find it much more fun to invest in interior and decoration than I did when living in a house share, even if it was with my friends. Now I feel like I'm creating a home, and I want to buy things that I can use for a really long time (or until they break). I don't like to buy things for convenience (e.g. we need this right now, so we'll get the first best thing), I want to buy things that I really like and that goes with the rest of the room/interior. Also, I already have a lot of home wear since living on my own in Stockholm, so I don't want to get doubles of something I know I already have. Unfortunately all of my things are in Sweden, and will be moved to England shortly as people come to visit me and/or when I go back home. When Agnes and Emelie are coming in just two weeks they will bring my wine glasses and a cheese slicer.
Wine glasses are a perfect example of things I don't want to buy because I already have some. I already have six (or maybe even eight, I can't remember) really nice, hand-made ones that I got for my graduation, so I don't see the point in buying new ones and then having loads of them. Also, if I were to buy new ones now I'd get really cheap ones (mainly because I'm poor, but also because I already have nice, expensive ones), and then they'd just be put away when my pretty wine glasses arrive. George has been going mental at me because I refuse to buy more than two cheap wine glasses (which, in my opinion, is sufficient until we get the other ones), but now they are finally coming! I can't wait! They are so pretty and will look lovely in our new place. I'll show them to you when they arrive. 
A cheese slicer I would buy if I could find one in this country, but it seems impossible. I know IKEA sells them, but I can't go to IKEA for yet another few weeks (IKEA is outside of London and it's a bit awkward getting there), so I've asked my mum to send me one with Emelie and Agnes. Until then I need to cut the cheese with a knife. Meaning thick, cheese slices. I do not approve. (First world problems). 
But, that's actually not what this post was supposed to be about. I was going to show you my new fruit bowl! It's actually a house warming gift from George's stepmum and dad, but I got to choose it. Our kitchen has got a black stone floor and white cupboards, so It think the black bowl fits quite nicely in there. Also, I think copper is cute and makes it a little bit modern. I got it at TK Maxx, if you were wondering. I think it was in the sale, either way it was rather cheap (it's TK Maxx).
What do you think about it? Also, what kind of interior do you like? x
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