Good afternoon! ♥
I've had a really lazy Sunday so far. I started it by browsing the web with a coffee in bed before George, his little brother and I headed out to play tennis. Unfortunately all the courts were taken and loads of people were waiting for their turn so we headed back home again to start make pizza! Or, the boys are making pizza and I'm scrolling through tumblr
My favourite shoes, the buckle boots I wear everyday, has started to fall apart. And I mean properly falling apart. As in chunks of the heel has fallen off. I own a lot of shoes, I do, but I don't really have another pair that I can use with anything. Shoes that goes with dresses, skirts, trousers, skinny denims and shorts. That I can wear for a night out, to work and for dinner. So, I started looking in to hat I can replace my beloved buckle boots with. I really like the boots from Topshop in the picture above. I might go and try them on later this week to see if they are as nice in reality as they are in photos. And if I'm going to Topshop anyway, I might try on the brick coloured skirt (above) as well. It would be a really nice piece for the autumn. 
Regalrose is my favourite jewellery shop at the moment. They have these amazing hair rings that I really wanted at the beginning of the summer, but decided not to get in the end as I figured I might not use them as much as I thought I would. Now they've started to stock the as equally amazing hair beads, as seen in the image above, which I can't stop thinking about either. If you are looking for some new rings you should definitely look their shop up, they have some absolutely stunning pieces. 
Have a lovely Sunday everyone! ♥
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Hi my lovelies! I hope you are having a wonderful friday and a great start to this bank holiday weekend. ♥ 
I wanted to show you the newest addition to my makeup collection - the cover and conceal palette from Makeup Forever! I got it at the same time as I got their colour correcting palette, I couldn't resist getting both as they were only £6 each. I have recently started to get really curious on how to use and work with concealers, and I thought that this palette would be a great starting point for me to experiment with. I stopped using concealer when my skin cleared up after my teenage years, but back then it was only commonly known how to use concealer to cover up spots and under-eye bags. Now on the other hand concealer is used for some much more, and I'm really excited to see what it can do for me. 
Just as with their colour correcting palette I haven't had a chance to try it out properly yet, so I won't tell you what I think about it just yet. I do really like the consitancy of the products though, it's so creamy! For £6 I don't expect too much, but I've heard some really good things about this palette and Makeup Revolution in general, so I do have some high hopes for this product... I'll let you know how it all plays out. 
I bought my palette at Superdrug for £6. I've also recently purchased their colour correcting palette, you can find that post here.


Hi guys! I'm sorry I haven't updated anything for a week. This is because of several reasons, one of them being that I went to Sweden for five days last week. It was really nice being back home for a few days and I got to enjoy the last bit of the Swedish summer as well with about 25 degrees and a blazing sun. Today on the other hand I got proper autumn feels when I was walking home from work with the sun in my eyes, meaning it had started to set already at 7pm. It has been pouring it down since we got back to England on Sunday evening, but this evening it finally cleared up.
Another reason to why the updates are more seldom these days is because I've made a concious decision to put more work and time into higher quality posts, rather than to just post about anything and everything as I used to. If you want to follow my everyday life you are more than welcome to follow me on Twitter and on Instagram! Let me know who you are and I'll make sure to check you out too. 
Anyway, this wasn't what this post was supposed to be about! This post is about the Makeup Revolution Colour Correcting Palette which I bought the other day. I had heard some really good things about it, and as it's only £6 I thought it was a no brainer wether to get it or not. I've been watching youtube tutorials on how to use colour correcting palettes all evening, because I felt a little bit lost when trying it out, and feel a little bit more confident now. It's slightly too early for me to tell you what I actually think about it, but I really like the consistancy and how creamy it is. It glides on the skin so easily and is super blendable. Also, it literally lasted me all day what I did apply, so if I can figure out what to apply where I think this product might be an absolute dream. Fingers crossed!
If you have any tips and tricks to share with me, please do. Help a girl out! Haha. 
Lots of love, 
J x
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