So, as earlier mentioned I'm in Devon over the weekend, and the main reason to why we went down this time is because there was a boat party arranged by a friend of ours. I took loads of pictures during the day and night, and thought I'd share a few with you!
Morning selfie in my new shirt from Levi's! I bought it since I'm only allowed to wear Levi's clothes when working, and I only have a vest and a t-shirt on my uniform, which gets a bit cold sometimes. But it's really soft, so it's definitely a new favourite in the wardrobe.
Had a cup of tea with Jack. I really like english tea now, before moving here I wasn't too fond of it at all, but now it's like my favourite thing.
All done for the boat party!!! I wore this and my Nike Air Force 1 with my leather jacket. The playsuit is from Forever 21. It was a fancy dress party with the theme "Lost at Sea" but I didn't have time/was way too poor to arrange a costume.
With Lovisa, Rebecka and Josh on the boat! As you can see, they didn't dress up either.
Toady was also there dressed as a banana. I don't know how that made him Lost at Sea, but oh well. 
Some cosy pictures with Rebecka! The lights on the dance floor made all the pictures really funny/interesting.
Lovisa was there as well spinning a ball...
... and drinking her wine. She's so cute.
Rebecka posed with several different people for the camera. 1) Rebecka and Brad. 2) Rebecka and Joe. 3) Rebecka and Jaimie. 
We saw fireworks!! Made me think of living in Stockwell when we could watch fireworks almost every night!
It was a great night!!! Had loads of fun. Hope you're having a great weekend too! x


I need a new foundation, but I'm really interested in investing in a good BB or CC cream instead. I walked around some stores today trying to get a few samples so that I can try a few ones before deciding, now when my skin is really sensitive I don't want to get something I can't use/that will cause my eczemas to flare up again. I thought I'd give these a go, I'm also aiming to try the Dior one out because I've heard really good things about it. Do you have any to recomend? I want it to give some coverage, but not too much, feel light and work hydrating. Nothing that makes me shiny, but I wouldn't mind a bit of a glow or a dewy look. Hit the comments with a few suggestions and I'll try to check them out! x


I'm currently on my way back down to Devon over the weekend - tomorrow awaits a boat party, but so far that's pretty much everything we have planned for the next few days. What are you doing this last weekend of August? x