Last week I got this massive food packet from Sweden! My mum sent me loads of nice stuff, it felt like christmas when I was opening it. Not only did I get food and sweets, the packet also contained some candles and skin care. Thank you mum!!!!! x


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm losing a lot of hair. This can be because of my thyroid, as hair loss is a common symptom when you have a thyroid problem, but as I'm medicated correctly I don't think that is what's causing it. I'm also suffering from bad eczemas due to food allergies, and have lately developed a prickly heat thingy - meaning I go bubbly and itchy when I get too warm. It's horrible. Either way, I think this allergy problem is what's causing my hair to fall out, as it makes my scalp too sensitive and probably troubled by rashes (although you can't see anything). I've asked around and done some research, and this shampoo from the Body Shop has got some of the best reviews. It is mainly an anti-dandruff shampoo but people who are suffering from hair loss because of several reasons are swearing by it, as it helps control the hair loss. I've so far only used it twice, but I've actually noticed a difference, as my hair within a few days stopped falling out as badly. At the same time I've started doing an oil treatment (castor oil + coconut oil) for my scalp and hair, which I told you about yesterday. I don't know if it is the combination of the ginger shampoo and the oil treatment, or if it is either of the two on their own, but something is working at least. The shampoo smells nice (like ginger bread), and it's only about £4. It's really gentle for your hair/skin/scalp, and your hair feels really nice afterwards. I really like it! So either way, if you are troubled by dry scalp/hair or if your scalp is itchy or whatever, you should give this shampoo a go! x