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Så, februari månad tar slut imorgon (och efter det är det officiellt vår!!), och därför tänkte jag att det passade sig med en liten sammanfattning av saker jag har tyckt om lite extra den här månaden. 
//Translation: As February as coming to an end tomorrow (and after that it's officially spring!!), I thought it would be appropriate with a little summary of things I've liked a little bit extra this month.

Coordinates Collections. I found this little gem of a company on Instagram. Customixed jewellery with coordinates on them. And you can add stones, dates, little messages... And choose what metal/colour you want. I want a few bracelets to stock up around my wrists (my birthday is only like 3 months away you guys...). My faves are the Sky Bracelet, Legend Bracelet and Meridian Bracelet.
PRIDES - MESSIAH. Because it's just such a tune.
Jumpsuit from Topshop. I bought this one about a year ago, but I've only worn it a few times. Or I had only worn it a few times until I put it on a couple of weeks ago because I spent a night at mine and all my decent jeans were at George's house. Since then I've barely taken it of. It's not only extremely flattering and nice (and so convenient, as you just put it on and your entire outfit is sorted), it's also super comfy. Love it! (You can't really see it but it's the best photo I've got of it, it's got like t-shirt sleeves and stuffz). 
Cloud lamp. Because how cool?
And guys, just to sort one thing out... that dress is clearly blue and black.

27.2.2015 - RIPTIDE