Good evening my darlings. How are we tonight? 
Today is the 9th February, which in England equals Shrove Tuesday, or, with other words, Pancake Day! In Sweden on the other hand, we eat a massive cream cake called Semla today, but they are rather tricky to source in London (and also very, very naughty). Instead, I had pancakes. Super yummy! I made quite a few so that I can have some for lunch tomorrow as well. We don't have a microwave at work, but I prefer to bring lunch with me than to buy out everyday. Both because I can't decide what I want for lunch (there are too many options!) but also because you save so much money by bringing lunch. Not having a microwave narrows down the option of what you can bring for lunch though, but I figured cold pancakes would work. 
Speaking about something else - I mentioned in my January Favourites that I've recently fallen in love with Urban Decay's Perversion and Subversion mascara and lash primer. They are amazing. I was a little bit worried that I wouldn't like them as they are a little bit more expensive than what I normally spend on mascara, but there was nothing to be worried about! They make my lashes look really long and full, I'm very impressed. I love the formula, it's quite cream like and applies beautifully. 
I'm off to bed in a minute, with my new job I need to get up much earlier than I'm used to which also means I need to go to bed earlier than I normally do to be able to make it through the day. George stays up quite late, which I always have done as well, so it's hard to go to bed early. But he can sleep much longer in the morning than I can, and he is also one of those people who doesn't need much sleep - unlike me. 
Sleep tight, speak soon! 

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