I'm all snuggled up in bed whilst writing this post, with a cup of tea and some Swedish pick and mix. So cosy! I read this thing yesterday about how Scandinavians are obsessed about anything cosy, and how that apparently isn't a thing in other countries? This would explain why my boyfriend finds it so weird that I want to light up a hundred candles and sit wrapped up as a burrito in my duvet whilst watching movies. 'Because it's cosy' is apparently not an appropriate answer to why I do this, and this explains it I suppose. 
Above you can see a little inspiration pre weeken wishlist. The stunning outfits are both from Boohoo, which I've recently discovered and started to love. I bought a really cute two piece from them not that long ago but I haven't had a chance to wear it yet, I'll show you it when I do though because it is absolutely adorable. The dungarees you can buy here and the cute culottes you can have a closer look at hereThe lingerie is fom, and all the inspirational pictures are from my tumblr. Let me know what you think about it if you check it out! 
Now it's time for me to sleep some before I start travelling back home to London tomorrow morning. Being back home in London means that I will have a chance to take some photos for my August favourites post which is long overdue. That's something to look forward to this weekend at least. Stay tuned, babes! x 
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Love it :)

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