Hi babes!

Hope you all are good. This post is well overdue, but I didn't come around to editing this video until late last week, and I didn't get the music sorted until today. Anyway, here's a little video summary of my trip to Los Angeles!
I had a great time in LA. It wasn't really what I expected, but at the same time it was everything I expected - if that makes sense? It was my first time in America so everything was just really new and some things really span me out (like why you don't add taxes on to prices until you get to the till?). It made me realise how European I am! However, I would love to go back and hope to do so at least next year this time again, if not earlier. 

I'm gonna do another post including some photos from my time in California, but until then I hope this video will suffice. I'm filming my October Favourites this week as well, so keep an eye out for it! 

Oh, and if you were wondering - the music in the background is an instrumental version of one of my boyfriends latest projects. You can find the full version on Youtube (right here!). 

Now I'm gonna watch the latest episode of The Walking Dead and find out if Glen is alive or not. He must be, right?

Speak soon!

Lots of love, 

J xx
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