Hi guys!

Yes, it's me. Can you believe it? Two posts in one week! This hasn't happened since... you know.... I don't even know? August? July? June?
When I started making videos for this blog the plan was never to only have videos, but to mix it with other posts. But for some reason I haven't done any other posts than videos since I started making them? That needs to change! After all, this is supposed to be some sort of creative outlet/diary/journal/community/I-don't-know, and one video a month is just not enough.
So I put together this little moodboard/wish list for you guys. Recently I've started putting some more time and effort into my makeup again, and it's so much fun. When I was between 18-20 I used to properly obsess about makeup and beauty, but as I moved to London I for some reason stopped. Don't get me wrong, I've always loved makeup and will always love makeup - I'm that kinda girl - but I just didn't have the time (or money) for it anymore. Before I could spend hours playing around with my makeup and beauty products, but when I moved to London I just never did. And then my skin flared up and my eczema became very bad, and makeup became a bit of a hassle. But lately I've really started to get into it again - and it's so much fun! So yeah, above you can see some products I'd really like to get my paws on right now. 
Lip liners from Mac in colours 'Subculture' and 'Stripdown', lipstick (and lip liner) in 'Soar', Dr. Feelgood from Benefit (the best product ever on a night out!), MAC skinfinish in Oh Darling!, nail polish from Essie in 'Ladylike', Porefessional primer from Benefit, Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay and the Brow Wiz from Anastasia Beverly Hills. 
Some of these are products I've recently finished and need to pick up a new one of, Dr. Feelgood and Porefessional in particular. Both of those are normally staples in my makeup bag, that's how good they are, and I miss not having them around. I didn't realise how much I use Dr. Feelgood until I ran out of it and haven't been able to use it. 
So yeah, Santa, if you see this... it's only 6 weekends till christmas. And I would be forever grateful if one or two or three of these things would show up under the tree. 
(Yes, mum, that above paragraph was directed to you. Love you!)
Have a great Friday evening, guys! Speak soon! x
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