I've seen loads of people do different "summer lists", and I love taking part of other people plans for the three best months of the year, so here's mine!

My plans for the summer:
So June is almost over (already!!), but here's a recap of what I've done:
A lot of my friends as well as me myself and I have our birthdays in June! I started the summer of by celebrating my own the last weekend of May (although my birthday was not until a week later, but I was going away then). First weekend of June I went down to Devon with George for Occombe Beer Festival, which we went to last year as well. So that's where I spent my birthday. The rest of the weekend was just really relaxed, we spent most of it in the sun. 

Last weekend I celebrated two birthdays, a friend of mine and George's sisters boyfriends. There was BBQ's, dancing till the sun was rising and a lot of dancing. This weekend I'm going to yet another birthday party, and then I'm going to spend the rest of the weekend preparing for Glastonbury - which I'm going to next week. Glastonbury is a British music festival, for those of you who don't know. 

July will start with Emelie and Agnes visiting me (YAY!), and then I think I have some more family members coming to London. We haven't really made much more plans for the summer, I know I'm going to Sweden for a weekend, probably in August, and we are also going to go back down to Devon a couple of times. We might go surfing if we can find the time for it. I want to try to spend as much time as possible in the sun during day time and I'd like to do a lot of dancing in the nights. 

The best place to be in the summer:
Honestly, Devon. It's amazing in the summer. Sweden is pretty good too, but Devon is like being somewhere abroad.

Favourite flower:
I don't know anything about flowers!! Blossom maybe. Cherry blossom. Can I say a flower crown? With different flowers.

The best place for a bath/swim:
A pool. I'm scared dead of fish.

How much holiday will you have?
Considering I'm a part timer I have quite a lot of time off from work. I'm going to have to take a few days off for Glastonbury and possibly if we are going down to Devon for a longer time. And maybe if we are going to Sweden. The thing is though, even though I'm working 3.5 days a week, I'm only contracted to 3 days a week. Meaning that if I want to go away for a longer time, I could in theory go away Thursday-Tuesday (6 days in total) without having to taking any time off (working Monday-Wednesday and then Wednesday-Friday the following week). 

How are you celebrating midsummer?
I don't know if I am yet. Depends on the weather. If it's nice I'm going to Hyde Park with some friends.

What will you be drinking and eating this summer?
Strawberries and alcohol. No, just kidding. But I will eat a lot of strawberries. I love strawberries. And I do plan on drinking my fair share of alcohol, but also a lot of water and some apple cider vinegar. It's good for my skin, guys. I also plan on devour some BBQ and a lot of salads. My current favourite is chicken with a spinach, tomato and parmesan salad with some pomegranate and a honey/lemon dressing, with a side of strawberries, watermelon, feta cheese and black pepper. YUM. When we go to Sweden in August I'm going to eat a lot of crayfish. 

What are you looking forward to the most?
Glastonbury!!! And if we are going to go surfing. That will be amazing.

What are you going to buy this summer?
A few things for Glastonbury (e.g. sleeping bag!). A new bikini if I can find one I like. 

What I'm listening to this summer:
Prides, The Parades, Don Broco, Kwabs, Fleetwood Mac, The Killers, my usual 90's kids pop and alternative and also some Swedish music. Swedish music is the best in the summer. Oh, and I really love Halsey and Phoebe Ryan at the moment. 

Favourite summer scent:
The way your skin smells after a day in the sun and strawberries.

How will you hurt yourself?
Hopefully not at all. I'll probably get a few brusies but (touch wood) I don't hurt myself badly very often.

What will you worry about?
That winter is coming.

And my skin.

How will you remember this summer in September?
Hopefully I will remember it as amazing. But I might have some exciting plans for September too that will make the summer longer. Fingers crossed. Then I will go into hibernation and wake up in April. 

The best summer day:
Wake up early, like 8 o'clock, and have breakfast in the sunshine. Venture out, maybe to a beach or somewhere similar. If you are in London I can make due with a park. Spend all day in the sun with friends. Start drinking Pimm's or other nice, summer drinks by lunch time. Eat a lot of strawberries. Go back home in the late afternoon, have a shower and meet up with everyone again for dinner, preferably a barbecue. Get drunk, go somewhere dark and smokey and dance. Come home at 6 the next morning. 

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