Just as much as I love being spontaneous, I also hate not being prepared. I guess that's the complexity of being a Gemini (my zodiac sign), being your own opposite. So before going to Glastonbury, I read every list I could find about what to bring/what not to bring/what to do/what not to do. I figured, a lot of people must have done some basic mistakes when going to Glastonbury previous years, and I could just as well learn from their mistakes instead of my own and therefore be able to enjoy my time there a bit more. And there was actually nothing I felt as if I forgot about, nor anything I wish I would've left at home. 
I've made an ultimate Glastonbury packing list for you, showing what I think you should bring to the festival (or any festival really), taking into consideration that Glastonbury normally is troubled by worse weather than what we experienced. Also, there was of course things I thought I hould've brought that and thing I thought could've left at home, which I also took into consideration when I made this list. 
A few main things I think you should consider when going to Glastonbury are the following:
- It will (at some point) rain and get muddy. Pack accordingly. Converse won't last you the week, you will need wellies. Also, pack clothes you don't mind getting dirty, and also have in mind that they will get wet. Denim takes ages to dry, and itch terribly when it gets wet. Also, it becomes really heavy. 
- It will be cold (especially in the night). During the days we had really nice, almost too hot, temperatures, but in the evenings and nights it gets rather chilly. Pack leggings. You can sleep in them, wear them as trousers (no one will know or care) and they dry really quickly if it starts to rain. But also, have in mind that if you keep your upper body (and your organs!) warm, you don't tend to get cold. I would always pack in favour of keeping my upper body warm and adding a few extra jumpers than trousers, because shorts are more convenient at festivals. Not only do they take up less space, they won't get as dirty as trousers do. Your legs might get covered in mud, but you can easily wash your legs at a festival. Your jeans? Not so much. 
- Dresses (and skirts!) are easier to go to the bathroom with. The bathroom floor gets messy. In every way possible. A dress you only need to pull up, whilst shorts and trousers are going down towards that damned floor. I didn't bring any dresses, because I didn't have any I felt OK with getting dirty, but it can be worth having in mind. 
- Bring some sort of fancy/fun/outrageous clothing. I brought my super crazy printed co-ords. Why? They are fun, they weigh pretty much nothing and take up no space in my bag, I don't mind them getting dirty, and Glastonbury is the only place where I would agree to that more actually is more. And my co-ords definitely are more.
- Layering is key. This doesn't only apply to Glastonbury, but England in general. NEVER trust the weather.
As I said, this isn't exactly what I brought, but this is what you should be able to make due with. Have in mind the weather, and that you will have to carry it all. Try to pack in outfits, and try to recycle items from one outfit and use them again in another outfit. Even though I did use all of my clothes, I could probably have brought less. Also, because we were so lucky with the weather our clothes didn't get particularly dirty (or wet!). If there had been more rain I would probably have needed more clothes, to be honest.
Bin bags can be used for anything and everything, you'll soon realise, as can duct tape (but we already knew that). We brought a duvet instead of a sleeping bag, and I think a duvet probably is comfier, but it's harder to carry. Depends on how much more packing you are bringing I guess. 

Alcohol is rather expensive to buy on site, but think about what alcohol you bring. You need to be able to drink it warm, so maybe not beer. We brought cider and vodka, and then we bought cold mixer on the site for the vodka. The food is amazing at Glastonbury, but every meal is about £8. We brought enough food on our own so that we wouldn't have to eat more than one meal on the site a day, but we probably ate less. You don't have time to eat! We tried to have a decent breakfast every day, and then a meal in the afternoon (probably around 4pm). If we were hungry later on we ate flapjacks and Pringles, which worked just fine. We also tried to eat as much of our tinned food the first couple of days, as we figured we'd grow tired of them after a while. Also, the first few days nothing is actually happening, so you can be bothered hiking back to the tent for a meal. On the Friday, the Saturday and the Sunday however, you would never miss a band you'd like to see just because you need to run back to the tent to grab a cold tin of ravioli. Just no. 
I think I haven't left anything out. If so, this list will be updated. Hopefully this list will help someone out there, who, just like me, rather learn from someone elses mistakes. xx
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Jag ska snart börja plugga i London (fashion business, via IBS) och jag undrar bara hur du gjorde med Oystercard och telefon. Jag vet inte om du har svarat på dessa frågor i tidigare inlägg, men jag kommer inte ihåg att jag läs om det. Jag undrar dessutom i vilket program du gjort dina moodboards och dina packningslista här ovan. Din blogg har hjälpt mig massor med min ansökning (och om jag skulle våga söka alls), tack för en superbra blogg och hoppas du kan besvara mina funderingar.

Svar: Hej! Först och främst, så himla fin kommentar! <3 Med Oyster card så köpte jag först ett vanligt Oyster card, sen kan du genom skolan (eller de hjälper dig med hur du skall göra) söka om ett student Oyster card. Do it! Det tar ett litet tag att få dock, men det kommer i brevlådan. När jag gick i skolan toppade jag alltid upp mitt Oystercard månadsvis. Eftersom det bara tar två till tre veckor innan du får ditt student Oyster skulle jag toppa upp ditt "vanliga" Oyster med veckovis tills du får ditt studentkort. Jag åker på pay as you go nu, men det är för att jag kan gå till jobbet och inte behöver åka tunnelbana särskilt ofta. När jag gick i skolan och jag tunnelbana överallt konstant, och i början toppade jag upp med pay as you go och du förlorar så mycket pengar på det!
När jag flyttade till London var min telefon fortfarande låst till Telia, och skulle vara det tills i oktober (om jag minns rätt). Så jag hade inget annat val än att behålla min svenska telefon som den var. Du har wifi nästan överallt, och alla använder whatsapp här ändå, så det var inget problem för mig. När oktober kom så skaffade jag engelskt telefonnummer (på min svenska telefon), hos 3. 3 är bäst för du får helt obegränsat internet - så värt! Hur mycket surf du vill för £15 i månaden. Sedan får du lite gratis sms och minuter också, såklart. Rekommenderar 3, de är jättebra. Gå bara in i en 3-butik (det finns en alldeles vid skolan vid Oxford Circus) och säg att du skulle vilja skaffa ett engelskt nummer och att du vill ha monthly top up för £15, den med obegränsat internet.

Jag använder photoshop för allt. Jag har photoshop elements 12, den är lite lättare att använda än photoshop cs.

Hoppas jag har varit till hjälp, vad roligt att du har valt LCF! Det är bara att fråga om det är något annat, och om du vill träffas för en kaffe eller så när du kommer i höst så skulle det vara jätteroligt! Ha det så roligt och lycka till med allt! xx
Josefine | 22 | London

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