I have writers block, my friends. I've tried writing a few posts, but for some reason everything I write sound silly in my ears. I write a few words down, only to delete them just as quickly. So today I thought, f**k it, I need to write something. Anything. I really want to start blogging properly again, as I did in the good ol' days of 2006-2012. But writers block (or bloggers block?) makes that rather tricky. 

So, sorry if my next few blog posts are silly, and maybe even forced. At least I'm blogging, ey. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon. 
And guys, if you like a post a little bit more than usually, or if you'd like me to write about something in particular, please let me know. You are my biggest inspiration, and I want this blog to reflect me but also you.
J x
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