26.1.2015 - MONDAY LIST


How much do you spend on clothes every month? Oh... I don't know. Not that much at all. Between £0 and £50 probably. Depends on what else I need to spend money on. 
Do you have more shoes than clothes? No... but they are probably worth the same (if not more).
Favourite piece in your wardrobe? Right now it's a new, silky, red t-shirt I bought from Topshop a few weeks ago. (See a peek of it in picture above).
Favourite colour on clothes? Black (as my soul).
Favourite hair style? Anything a bit messy. Curly, straigth, up in a pony... as long as it's not neat.
Favourite print/pattern: Probs paisley.
Best accessories: Thin golden chains. 
Underwear? Lace. 
A piece of clothing you hate? Uhm... maybe like camouflage trousers? Honestly there is not a specific piece of clothing I really hate, as long as you can dress for your own body I think most things are OK.


Your favourite food? Something with a lot of garlic. I really like nibbles, or like pick food... tapas basically!
Your favourite desert? I like most desert even if I'm not a desert-y person. I'd rather have like cheese and crackers and fruit. But I do really enjoy sweet things as well. That sounds really confusing, but with other words I just like everything.
Your favourit drink? Milk. Every day of the week.
Your worst drink and food? Beer. Really don't like beer, although I wish I did. Or red wine. Worst food is like... I don't know. I like almost everything. I'm not too keen on stews but I'll eat it. 
Your favourite alcoholic beverages? Bubbles!! Sparkling stuff. Or a really yummy (but not sweet) drink. If it's just a normal weekend I like cider or vodka lemonade.
Do you use butter on your sandwich? Yes!
Pick'n'mix or not? I don't really like sweets to be honest. 
Your favourite soup? Home made chicken soup or like dumpling soup. Om nom.
Favourite ice cream/ice lollies? Ben & Jerry's and then those twisted, fruity ice lollies.


Do you have kids? No!
Is cheating okay? No!
Do you love someone? Of course! My family, my friends and George.
Does your family mean a lot to you? Yes, they do!
Where do you prefer to go on holiday? A warm place far from here. Somewhere different.
Your favourite climate? A good, northern European spring/autumn.
House party or club? Depends on my mood and whos house party/which club. And my economy. 
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