As you probably noticed, I didn't post any favourites post last month. I was so busy recovering from Glastonbury and having the best time with Emelie and Agnes, I completely forgot all about it. Instead I decided to do a joint June and July post, as well as changing the concept of it. Hopefully you'll like it a little bit better this way. 

June and July have been two really amazing months, this summer could literally not have had a better start. Not only did my skin clear up (yay!), but Glastonbury was out of this world and then my two favourites came over for an intense but fun weekend. On top of that I've celebrated more birthday's these two months than I have during the first half of the year, and the weather has been on top (except for the last two weeks). 
One of the things that really has helped my skin has been the Aveeno skin lotion. It works miracles. Yes, it is a bit pricey (about £7), but it's so good. If you got normal skin it would probably last you ages though, and therefore be worth the price, but I use one bottle in about 3-4 days if it's bad. Recently they've lasted me way longer, as my skin is so good. I swear by this cream, it's the best. Give it a try. 
For my birthday Rebecka got me the second best skin lotion in this world. It's the 'Warm Vanilla Sugar' from Bath & Body Works. I bought it when I went to Dubai the Christmas before I moved to London, and loved it. When Rebecka went to America earlier this year, she got me a new bottle. It makes you smell like ice cream. It's lush. 
I've been running out of highlighter for a while now, and when Agnes came over she introduced me to H&M's highlighter. It's only about £4, and it's divine. Gives you such a nice glow. I normally prefer highlighter to either be creamy or in liquid form (because it gives more of a dewy glow) but I've been loving this since I got it. To be fair I normally apply a small amount of a creamier highlighter underneath, and then I swipe some of this on top. The colour is a really nice champagne, which works really nice with my own skin. I prefer more golden highlighters to pink ones, but if you got fair skin I think this would work nice to because it got a sort of rose gold glow. 
What are your favourites this month? Share in the comments, my lovelies. x
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