So the last few weeks have been slightly different than how my weeks have been looking since I graduated, because I now have a job! You heard me. I'm working as a stylist at AllSaints, only a few hours a week, but it's! If you are around Westbourne Grove/Notting Hill, stop by and say hi and let me style you! I might have some other exciting news coming up as well, but nothing is written in stone yet so I'll keep quite about it for a little longer...
Other than that I have been spending a lot of time with this fella. <3 
I had visitors last week! Elin came by and stayed from Tuesday till Sunday, and Bella came Friday till Tuesday! Did some tourist-y things such as visit St. Pauls and walking around Shoreditch/Hoxton, had breakfast at the Breakfast Club etc with Elin as it was her first time in London, and then Bella and I just tried to talk about life and such as much as we possibly could although I was working all weekend as well as celebrating a friends birthday. Had such a nice time, and also got the splendid news that Bella will be moving to London by the end of next month (if everything goes according to plans!). Can't wait to be in the same city as my blondie again. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures with her, we were simply to busy talking to take selfies. 
Tip of the day! South bank is one of my absolute favourite areas in London, especially now as there are loads of food vans and pop up places and festivities along the river. One of my favourites is this SNOG bus which serves frozen yoghurt and has a disco inspired top floor where you can eat your SNOG. Yum.
I've also decided to try to be more creative. After school finished I just stopped, but I'm picking it up again. Gonna try to paint, draw, blog etc again. Just do what makes me happy. And if there is one thing I know, it is that creativity nourishes creativity. 
And that's it for now I think. I'll get back to you asap, as I said, I'm gonna try to be a better blogger. I'm sorry if there might be a lot of phone pictures, but it's just so handy and I like playing around in Afterlight a bit too much. Take care, and I'll talk to you in a bit! xxxxx
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