Today I've had my first day off for a while (or I had both Friday and Wednesday off last week but then I went around on different job interviews so I'm not really counting it as days off) so I had made grand plans consisting of me not doing anything but enjoying the sun and eating strawberries. But then the sun didn't come out until after 1pm (!!!!) so instead I had a long lay in before tanning for a few hours. Now I'm gonna hit the shower and try to get a few things done.
BUT before I do anything else, I thought I should tell you the good news I kept a secret in the last post. So, as I already mentioned I went to some job interviews last week although I already have a position at Allsaints. But as of Monday I actually got two jobs - since I'm now also hired at Levi's! I'm super excited about this, because I will get some visual merchandising responsibilities! How exciting!! I worked my first day there this Monday and I'm back there tomorrow, literally can't wait. I love it there. So now I'm back to 16 hours at Allsaints, starting next week, as I'm doing 16 hours at Levi's as well. I never had more than 16 hours at Allsaints, but they gave me 40 hours there last week and I'm working there 32 hours this week. Good money! I'm starting to see the end of me being poor (knock on wood, please don't say I just jinxed that!!). xxx
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