Right now I've kinda narrowed down the amount of tv-series I watch. With school, work and keeping up with a social life I just don't have the time. Except those you just can't miss (the Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and True Blood) I'm "only" letting myself enjoy American Horror Story Girls, New Girl, Pretty Little Liars, the Carrie Diaries, the Vampire Diaries, Glee, Grey's Anatomy and... Dracula. In December I was obsessing about Amerian Horror Story, if you do remember, but since then I've got a new favourite. It's Dracula. The trailer above is awful, and the first episodes are not very intriguing. I only continued watching because it takes place in London, and very often in East London where I happen to live. But now I just can't stop watching it and I catch myself longing for the next episode. Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays the part of Dracula, and I know some people can't stand him and then this series might not be for them, but I personally think that he is perfect for this part! Anyway, if you were planning on watching a new tv-series this weekend, I really think you should give this one a shot. It just grows on you! x
Min senaste tv-serie-favorit är Dracula. Om ni planerade att upptäcka en ny serie den här helgen så tycker jag verkligen ni borde ge den en chans, trots att de första avsnitten kan vara lite tråkiga. Det är en sådan serie som sakta suger in en, och efter ett tag är man fast. Believe me! 
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