MAKEUP. I love a warm eye makeup, which is ironic becaue when I recently went through my eyeshadows, I realised that most of them actually are cool toned. I think that together with dewy, glowing skin it looks so healthy, and puts a nice focus on the eyes without becoming too heavy. Peach, terracotta, champagne, warm brown and bronze, they all work so nicely together and are so versatile, transitional and adaptable, great for all seasons and occassions. A more toned down version works well for the office/work, but is also super easy to amp up for a night out. And most importantly, it works so well with a little bit of rose gold added (because who doesn't like rose gold). 
Since the revelation that I *clearly* need more (warm) eyeshadows in my collection, I've had a little browse around to see what I like, and yes, the Too Faced Chocolate Bar is high up on my wishlist, but so is also the Morphe Palettes below. Which are your favourite eyeshadow palettes? And do you also prefer a warm eyemakeup to a cool toned, or are you all about those silver shades?
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