Hey babes! How are we today? I'm sorry for not being a very active blogger this week, I was doing so well up until now! Oh well. My reason to being absent is that not only did I start my new job last week (which I love!), but my brother came to visit me for almost a whole week. It was loads of fun having him here, but it's tiring to have to entertain someone all the time. I hope he comes back soon though, he's a laugh and we had a really nice weekend. 
Today I'm going to go shopping! I really want to get a new coat so that's at the top of my agenda. I might also try to film my January Favourites if I got the time. This evening we are going to meet up with my boyfriend's dad and girlfriend for a night out as it is my boyfriend's dad's 60th birthday on Monday. It's going to be a funny night, we're going to a Bowie night so we expect some good tunes to dance to. 

I'm just about to go in the shower now, and I think I'm going to use my new meraki sponge for the first time. I got it from my mum for Christmas but I haven't used it yet. My skin has been so sensitive this month so I didn't want to try it if it would cause me to flare up, even though it's supposed to be for sensitive and damaged skin you don't know how your skin is going to react to it. My skin is so dry now though so I thought that it would probably benefit from a gentle scrub. My eczema has overall been quite bad lately, or my skin has been really dry, so I'm actually back on the apple cider vinegar treatment and I'm already seeing improvement after just two days!

Speaking of my eczema and apple cider vinegar, is that something that you would like me to speak more about? I've been thinking about doing a eczema/dry skin series where I can tell you a little bit about my do's & don't's for eczema/dry skin. I know everyone's skin and eczema is different, but some general tips could maybe be good? I'm only saying this because when my skin was really bad I would try anything to try to make it better, but I found that there wasn't much information about it out there. 

I don't know, let me know what you think and I'll see what I can come up with!

Lots of love, 

Josefine x