Good afternoon! ♥
I've had a really lazy Sunday so far. I started it by browsing the web with a coffee in bed before George, his little brother and I headed out to play tennis. Unfortunately all the courts were taken and loads of people were waiting for their turn so we headed back home again to start make pizza! Or, the boys are making pizza and I'm scrolling through tumblr
My favourite shoes, the buckle boots I wear everyday, has started to fall apart. And I mean properly falling apart. As in chunks of the heel has fallen off. I own a lot of shoes, I do, but I don't really have another pair that I can use with anything. Shoes that goes with dresses, skirts, trousers, skinny denims and shorts. That I can wear for a night out, to work and for dinner. So, I started looking in to hat I can replace my beloved buckle boots with. I really like the boots from Topshop in the picture above. I might go and try them on later this week to see if they are as nice in reality as they are in photos. And if I'm going to Topshop anyway, I might try on the brick coloured skirt (above) as well. It would be a really nice piece for the autumn. 
Regalrose is my favourite jewellery shop at the moment. They have these amazing hair rings that I really wanted at the beginning of the summer, but decided not to get in the end as I figured I might not use them as much as I thought I would. Now they've started to stock the as equally amazing hair beads, as seen in the image above, which I can't stop thinking about either. If you are looking for some new rings you should definitely look their shop up, they have some absolutely stunning pieces. 
Have a lovely Sunday everyone! ♥
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