I've ended up with the flu. I came home from work last night, burning up, and fell asleep at 9pm only to wake up this afternoon at 3pm. My sleep was interrupted a few times by the fever setting off my eczemas and giving me allergic reactions, but except for that my 18 hour sleep marathon paid off and I'm feeling slightly better now! Yay.
Otherwise not much have been happening lately. Been to the cinema a lot, watched The Imitation Game with George, Jaimie and Josh earlier this week. It was amazing. Truly one of the best movies this year. Bought two new dresses this week as well, neither was very expensive so I felt as if it was ok. The first one I'm saving for NYE and the second one I bought today, to cheer myself up. It was reduced as well since it's black friday! It's gonna be perfect for Christmas.
Speaking of. Anyone got any Christmas plans? I'm going to celebrate with George and his family in Devon, and although I'll be missing my family and our Christmas I'm super excited to celebrate it the English way. x