First things first - Merry Christmas! I've had the loveliest Christmas this year, first a whole week in Sweden with my family before Christmas and now just over a week with my boyfriend's family in Devon. We got here on Friday and we are staying until next Monday. It's so nice to have plenty of time to see everyone, both friends and family, without having to stress about it. If you follow me on Instagram you'll see plenty of snaps from our time away. 
Before we went away I got my second Birchbox! This was the December box and I'm super pleased with the contents of the box. The first thing that really jumped out to me was the full size (!) eyeliner from Ciaté. Not only am I a hardcore eyeliner user (it's been a part of my daily makeup routine since I was about fourteen years old), so it will be very well used, but I do love when they include full sized products and not only samples. I was also really happy to see the Eyelighter from LAQA & Co., I've never heard about the brand before but I think it's such a trendy and current product that I will definitely get loads of use out of. As it's a smaller product it's really easy to take with you in a little hand bag for when you need to top up your makeup. 
I also got a face moisturiser from Amie. I had just used up the one I got in the November box, and as we were going away for Christmas this was the perfect size to bring with. I'm quite happy receiving skin lotions, as my skin literally drinks it up, but I'm not sure how I'll feel if I keep getting one in each box. This was of course only my second Birchbox, so it might just be a coincidence. 
The last two products in the box was a Wonder Balm from Percy & Reed, and the Hoola Zero Tanlines from Benefit. I haven't had the opportunity to try either of these products out yet, but will let you know my thoughts once I have (probably on my Instagram stories, so stay tuned!). I didn't bring the hair balm with me when we went away, so it will have to be a product review first in the new year, but the Hoola Zero Tanlines might come out on New Years Eve already... We'll just have to wait and see. ; )
Speak soon! x
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