FRIDAY/INSPIRATION. Hello my lovelies! What are you up to? I'm having a quiet night in as I'm going out tomorrow. My skin needs all the rest it can get before a night out. George and I ordered some chinese takeaway and now we are watching Dumb and Dumber 2. 
Skin update: This morning my skin was quiet bad, although I had a good night compared to most other nights. I actually managed to sleep some, and didn't wake up because my skin was seeping. After a shower my skin was really irritated, and so it has been all day. Now it's getting a bit better though, although it's still really dry. My skin is almost a bit "hard" on my legs. Ugh. I might cave in and use some cortison if it doesn't get better soon. A friend of mine gave me a tip of drinking some apple cider vinegar and water, apparently it does wonders. I'm going to get some tomorrow and give it a try! 

I'll talk to you all later, 
Lots of love xx