With August just around the corner, and the heathwave that has been sweeping in over London for the past few weeks I'd like to say that we are pretty much halfway through summer. And I've started to build up a quite nice tan! Hopefully the sunshine won't abandon London yet, I'm loving every minute of it, and I hope to go another few shades darker before September. 
Anyway, because of my new tan and the heat and sun I don't like to wear as much makeup as I usually do, and I like to keep it lighter and softer, more glowing - if that makes sense? I still use pretty much the same products as I normally do, but I apply them and use them differently. Here is how I adapt my everyday makeup to the summer!
Depending on what I'm doing I change this one up. If I'm only running a few errands and now I will be able catch some sunrays I only apply some primer (Porefessional from Benefit - not in the picture, but a favourite of mine which I've spoken about before) to prevent my skin from becoming shiny and then just sweep a thin layer of Urban Decay's "Naked Skin Ultra Definition Pressed Finishing Powder" (I use shade "Naked Medium Dark").
If I'm going to work or doing something else which involves me being indoors (or if the weather just isn't very good/it's in the evening etc) I mix my foundation with my face cream. So, instead of applying my face cream and then do my makeup routine I simply mix them together and apply them as if it was my face cream. It makes my foundation a bit more sheer, and let's my own skin show through. Normally I really like a foundation to give full coverage, but during the summer I feel as if that can become a bit too heavy. 
After either of these step (primer + power or foundation + face cream) I contour my face with my Hoola bronzer (from Benefit). It's a matte, deep brown bronzer, perfect for shading. I apply it under my cheekbones, along my jawline, in my temples and along my hairline. Also, under and along the sides of my nose. When that is done I take a bronzer (I like the one from H&M, not only does it stay on and got some shimmer without being sparkling, it's also dirt cheap. About £6) and sweep along the cheekbones and up over the temples. I also apply it very lightly where the sun naturally would hit my face - meaning forehead, nose and cheeks. I use almost nothing for this, just a tiny tiny bit and put on some more on cheekbones and temples, as earlier mentioned.
To finish the base of I sweep another very light layer of blush (I use Make Up Store's in colour Sugarpink) on the cheeks and along the cheekbones and some highlighter on top of cheekbones, along my nose and on my brow bones. I use an old eyeshadow from Isadora in a champagne colour as highlighter. 
If I am to do anything with my eyes, more than mascara, I do a soft and subtle smokey eyes. I try to stay away from eyeliner, as I like my summer makeup to be soft, and although I normally like a sharp eyeliner I feel as if it can look a bit to harsh and hard. Instead I define my eyes using a black eyepen on the entire upper waterline and between the upper lashes in the outer corner. And then just loads of mascara, as usual! My brows I do as usual, I fill them in with an eyebrow pen from Make Up Store and a shadow from The Body Shop. 
Lips I try to keep natural, just a lip balm or, if anything, a pale, nude/pink lipstick/-gloss/-colour. 
With other words, I try to put focus on a glowy, bronzy skin and try to keep everything else quite subtle. How do you do your makeup during the warmer and sunnier months of the year? xx