PRIDE 2016

Photo courtesy of @laurenreiman
Yesterday we spent all day in Soho, celebrating Pride and dancing on the streets. Except for a few showers in the afternoon the sun was out all day, which just made the day even better. It was such a nice day where everyone just came together to have fun, a well needed reminder that London accepts all and everyone after the devastating Brexit results. I plan on writing a longer, quite opinitade piece on Brexit another day, but let's just say that I think that the results are absolutely horrific and I'm not actually sure how I feel about some people being so stupid, ignorant and backwards thinking that they could even consider voting out. I'll leave it at this for now, but will return with some more thoughts later in the week. 
But anyway, back to Pride and the good times. We met up with the group at about 2pm and spent quite a few hours in Soho Square before the rain started. Then we made our way to Freedom, a club in Soho, where we stayed till 8pm. Yes, you heard me right, we left the club at 8pm. For some reason it was completely acceptable yesterday to go clubbing before we even had dinner. It was a great laugh though! When the rain stopped and we all started to get hungry, we made our way back to East for a house party. It was such a lovely day! I've never been to Pride before but I will definitely go again. 
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