THURSDAY. Almost the weekend!! Actually, for me, it's the weekend when I leave the office today. And I'm only doing a half day today. The life as a part timer, you know. 
Tomorrow I've got an appointment with the optician in the morning, and then I'm going to try to chase my doctors as they have my test results (and they've been having them for a week now), yet no one wants to give them to me. My GP says that it's the hospital that needs to give me the results, and the hospital says that they won't give me the result on the phone, they won't send it to my door and they haven't booked me in for a follow up appointment. What they say is that I need to go to my GP. Who says I need to go to the hospital. I HATE FUDGING LONDON'S DOCTORS.  So tomorrow someone will give me my test results. I'm going to war. 
So yeah, guys... Don't ever get sick in London, yeah? It's not good for you.
pssssst. my fingers are itching from webdesign absence. I think I've got withdrawal symptoms. stay tuned/watch this space/etc.