Good evening and happy Friday everyone! What are you up to tonight? I'm just doing my nails and having a little bit of a lazy night in, it is after all our last night in this flat as we are moving house tomorrow. 
We went to pick up the keys yesterday and we are moving all of our things tomorrow. It feels a little bit surreal actually, and I didn't really tell anyone we were moving until on Wednesday, and even then I was really cautious as I didn't really dare to believe it myself. All of this has gone so smooth and also so quick, which isn't normally the way here in London, so I didn't want to start telling people if it would all fall through. But it hasn't! Everything has actually been going really well and George event went to put a few things in the flat earlier today when he set up the internet. So it's all good!
So yea, tonight we are just finishing the last bits of packing and eating take away. A great end to our stay in this flat. 
Speaking about something completely different - have a look at my new highlighter! I love it. It's from Topshop and was only about £7 (correct me if I'm wrong). I love a great highlighter and a really dewy look, which this one is great for. It's not glittery it all, it just leaves a really nice shimmer. I'm not that into using too much powder products on my face at the moment as my skin is so dry, and this is really creamy and easy to work with and blend. Just a little tips for anyone looking for a great highlighter! It comes in two colours, one which is a little bit more golden and this one, which has got more of a pearl tone to it.
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