When I was younger, about 14 years old, I loved big handbags. Like those massive ones, à la the Olsen twins. This is something that I with time outgrew, and the last couple of years I've actually prefered not having a bag with me at all, and I always try to avoid having to bring one. I've been trying to find a bag for a while now that's small enough not to be annoying but also big enough to carry my essentials. I've been using a cute crossbody bag for a while, which is great for nights out, but it doesn't fit my everyday necessities. If I bring it to work I always have to carry my diary/journal in one hand, which is rather annoying. Hence why I went on the hunt for, and found, a small backpack! 
I spotted the above in Topshop last week and knew straight away that it was the one. It's not too small, yet not too big. It's got structure, a couple of pockets but still looks sleek. Perfect! It was about £30, so not even that bad. Other, similar bags in Topshop have been about £45 (which is also the reason to why I haven't bought one earlier). I'm so happy with it! 
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