Last week a friend of mine from the states was in London because of work, so we met up for some drinks and dinner one evening. Allee and I went to LCF together and it was so nice to catch up on what she's been up to for the last two (!) years since we left LCF. We went to Frank's Rooftop Bar which actually is a the roof of a carpark in Peckham. You get an incredible view, especially when the sun is setting and once it has set. London lights up like nothing else in the night time. It is really spacious, only down side is that there isn't much space to sit as most of it is just open space and also, the food is great, however it is not ideal if you are starving. The food is more if you're feeling a bit peckish whilst enjoying your drink. 
Anyway, it's a little hidden gem in south east London I've been dying to tell you about. It's a perfect place for when you actually just want to be able to hear what you say to each other as there isn't really loud music. It can get a bit windy as you are so high up, but if you choose a nice day it is amazing. 
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