It's time for a review! I always make sure to read up on products before I buy them, and I find it very helpful to be able to read reviews on different blogs etc. Therefore I've decided to start doing them myself, even though I haven't really done so before. This time I wanted to talk to you about the foundation/bb creme I've been using for pretty much the last year - the Diorskin BB Creme.
I purchased this BB creme in March last year, and I literally ran out of it yesterday, so it has lasted me for a very long time It's rather pricey as the retail price is about £30, but considering for how long it lasts you I would definitely say it's worth the money. It has a light to medium coverage but it is easy to build if you prefer more cover, which is what I really like with this product. I have been using this both in the winter and in the summer with very good results, even though I normally use different products during the different seasons. In the winter or for night outs I normally wear a more full coverage foundation, but I've been using two layers of this instead and it goes on so smoothly. It would definitely never go cakey or cling to any of my dry areas - which is a must for me as I've got loads of them thanks to my eczema. 
This BB creme is ideal when you want to create a dewy look, and it is very hydrating. This is of course very important to me, as you probably can imagine. When I first purchased this product my skin was in a really bad state, I had quite a lot of eczema around my eyes and down on my cheeks so I needed something that would actually help with this and not dry my skin out even further. This product was absolutely terrific when my skin was this bad, and even though I still have a lot of eczema on my neck my face has actually cleared up and I reckon this product actually has helped a little bit with this. It keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day and that has been a key thing for my skin. But now, when my skin is better, it does actually cause me to go slightly oily in the afternoon, which is the only downside. 
Let's summarise all of this! This foundation goes on beautifully, and works so nice for extremly dry and sensitive skin. It's really hydrating and has worked miracles for me, even when I've had really bad eczema. It is rather pricey, but I would say that because of how long it lasts it's worth every penny. Now when my skin is getting better though, it tends to go slightly shiny after a few hours. 
Would I repurchase? Well, this depends. My skin got quite bad over Christmas due to travelling, and this was a life saver then. So I probably would, to have as a back up for when my skin has a bad time. But for everyday makeup I will look for an alternative, something that might be cheaper and also something that doesn't go as shiny during the day. But for damaged and troubled skin I've got nothing but good words for this product, it is truly amazing and I would like to say that it did help my skin when it was at it's worst.
Have you tried this product? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments! ♥
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