Heya! I know you must think I have forgotten about you all and this blog - but fear not. I'm still here. The last week has been so hectic at work with fashion week and all that, as I've been working on two quite big events for Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney. It's been so much fun, but the last couple of weeks I've literally been absolutely swamped in preparation and planning and then executing the whole thing. This was my first project at the agency and it was an amazing first thing to do. We've been based at The Savoy as well to be able to help guests with anything they might need, so I haven't actually even been in the office since Friday. You are now thinking that that's only three days, but I did work throughout the whole weekend so it's been five days. So much has happened during these five days though, it feels like a month at least. But, because I worked the weekend, I've now got some time off and my weekend starts now. I'm back in the office on Monday. George and I are going down to Devonshire tomorrow as his dad is getting married this weekend, so it will be like a nice little holiday before I get back to reality and normal office hours. 
Even though I haven't been updating regularly, I have actually still been collecting material so I now have a few blog posts up my sleeve. I don't know how much time I will have this weekend to update you as I'm away, but I'll be back again next week. 

Anyway - this blog post is not supposed to be about my (amazing) week, it's supposed to be about a very nice day I had with Matilda a few weeks ago. We live only five minutes apart and we have a lovely food market just around the corner from our houses, which we went to one Saturday. It's called Maltby Street Food Market and I would highly recommend it to anyone. We went on a day when it was rainy and windy which was probably the worst day you can go there on, if it's a nice day it's absolutely wonderful there. The food is amazing! It was absolutely rammed with people so it was really awkward to take any photos at all, but let's have a look at the few I did take. 
This was my food for the day. Such a naughty meal but super yummy. It's like a grilled mac and cheese sandwich with crab, chilli and parmesan. Basically all my favourite things in this world. Sorry if my hand looks weird by the way. #eczema (It's much better now mum, nothing to worry about!). I'm back on the apple cider vinegar and it is making the biggest difference for my skin. 
Matilda and I then found shelter in a Swedish coffee shop, also just around the corner from where we live. It's called 'Hej!' and they actually sell some basic Swedish groceries (like lingonberry jam and Swedish crips). Their coffee is nice too so if you are a Swede in London, come check it out! 'Hej' kind of doubles as a florist as well, if you want to pick up some flowers before heading home. x
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Även om det verkar som om jag har glömt bort er och denna blogg så är det inte så! Oroa er inte, jag är på väg tillbaka, jag har bara haft världens mest hektiska vecka med jobbet då vi har arrangerat två event för Alexander McQueen och Stella McCartney i sammanband med fashion week. Ovan ser ni lite bilder från när jag och Matilda strosade runt på matmarknad och gick på svenskt kafé! x
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