HAPPY FRIDAY! How are y'all? We are just about to head out to see George's sister and her boyfriend for a glass of wine. So happy it's the weekend, we've got a get together with some friends tomorrow which I'm looking forward to and we are of course going to see Suicide Squad which I have been waiting for since last summer (I mean...). We were meant to see it today but were stupid enough not to book tickets. We didn't think our local cineam would be busy, but oh boy, we were wrong. It was a queue out of the building. Rescheduling for later this weekend. Can't WAIT to see Harley Quinn and the Joker in action. I'm definitely dressing up as her again this Halloween. 
Anyway, speaking about something else - look at my new jeans! I've been serching far and wide for a pair of mum jeans I like, and I've finally found them. My friend Olivia had them, and so I had to copy her. But look at them! So nice. Paired them up with a tee from Brandy Melville, and some white roses. 
And oh, if you want to copy Olivia too, they are only £40 in Monki. 
See ya laters! 
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Janne S. Aamodt

Hvilken størrelse er du i Topshop jeans? Så jeg kan sammenligne størrelsen på de med Monki jeans :) Have yet to find the perfect mom jeans..

Svar: Hej! Jag äger tyvärr inte några topshop jeans... Så vet inte vilken storlek jag är. Monki har normal waist size dock, som jeansmärken brukar ha. Jag är i vanliga fall en 25a (hos JC, Levis etc) och samma hos Monki! Xx
Josefine | 22 | London

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