I woke up quite early today, and managed to do a work out, go to the shops, clean the flat and prep some blog posts before it was even 12pm. I love getting up early on weekends, you get so much more done and I always feel really productive. I'd rather get up really early and then have a nap in the afternoon if I'm tired then (this might also be because I love naps, but never mind...). 
And by the way - I'm sorry there hasn't been any videos for a while! My camera has actually been broken, but George fixed it last night. Hopefully I will have time to film a April Favourites this weekend, and then get back into the routine of creating regular video content. No promises made though, we all know how rubbish I am at keeping them. x
Jag vaknade ganska tidigt idag, och har redan hunnit träna, handla mat, städat vår lägenhet och bloggjobbat lite! Jag älskar att vakna tidigt på helger, jag känner mig så produktiv och som att jag får så mycket mer gjort. Faktum är att jag hellre går upp tidigt och sedan tar en liten powernap på eftermiddagen om jag blir trött då. x
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