I came across this video the other day, and I find it so inspiring. It's about Danit Peleg, who has printed her entire graduate collection in her bedroom on 3D-printers. Yes, it was very time consuming, but she is discussing how this might be the future of fashion. In this article she says that she's not planning on selling her clothes (and if she ever did, they would be very expensive), but that she might consider selling the files to the clothes. 
Selling files instead of clothes, and then having the customers printing the clothes at home very much sounds like the future of fashion to me - especially as online retailing is growing. That way you wouldn't have to wait for you clothes to get deliver, you could simply start printing them as you've bought and downloaded the file. How amazing would that be?
I love when fashion and technology meet, and I am very curious about what the future holds for the fashion industry. 
3D-printing - danit peleg - fashion - fashion technology
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