I don't normally like to wear a bag, I'd rather put things in the pockets of my jacket. But since I got a bag for my birthday I've actually started to carry it around with me. Here's a little insight to what I always have in it. 
- Oyster card, keys, pen, headphones
- Contact lens solution, Steam Cream (skin lotion)
- Eight Hour Cream, 8 Hour Lip Balm, Lip Pen  
My bag is from TK Maxx, and I got it for my birthday. I absolutely love it, because it got all these compartments and pockets. 
I carry quite a lot of moisturising products with me, the steam cream for my skin and the 8 hour cream for when my lips gets super chapped. The lip balm I like to apply as a top coat when I've used the lip pen (which is from Model & Co.), as I feel as if only a lip pen sometimes can get a bit dry, and the lip balm isn't shiny, it just provides moisturiser. 
I'm about to get ready and then go out for the day with George, his brother and his mum. We'll speak later in the week, I've actually filmed a make up video for you guys! It needs a bit of editing, but it will come up some time next week. 
Love xx
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