Hi my lovelies! I hope you are having a wonderful friday and a great start to this bank holiday weekend. ♥ 
I wanted to show you the newest addition to my makeup collection - the cover and conceal palette from Makeup Forever! I got it at the same time as I got their colour correcting palette, I couldn't resist getting both as they were only £6 each. I have recently started to get really curious on how to use and work with concealers, and I thought that this palette would be a great starting point for me to experiment with. I stopped using concealer when my skin cleared up after my teenage years, but back then it was only commonly known how to use concealer to cover up spots and under-eye bags. Now on the other hand concealer is used for some much more, and I'm really excited to see what it can do for me. 
Just as with their colour correcting palette I haven't had a chance to try it out properly yet, so I won't tell you what I think about it just yet. I do really like the consitancy of the products though, it's so creamy! For £6 I don't expect too much, but I've heard some really good things about this palette and Makeup Revolution in general, so I do have some high hopes for this product... I'll let you know how it all plays out. 
I bought my palette at Superdrug for £6. I've also recently purchased their colour correcting palette, you can find that post here.
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