Here's a random list I found somewhere in the archives.
when I brush my teeth I brush them way too hard and sometimes my gum starts bleeding (which is very bad and something I need to stop doing).
when I cook I..... who am I trying to fool, I never cook. George always cook.
I am scared of fish. absolutely terrified.
the worst feeling is being lonely. not to be mistaken for being alone. 
the best feeling is love. love like when mum gets really happy when I call, like when Emelie and Agnes flew all the way to London to visit me and like when George holds me really really close. <3
I'm the best at making pizza. honestly, it's amazing. 
I'm the worst at being on time. sorry to everyone.
I'm listening to Prides and Years & Years, this week. they both released new albums very recently and they are on point.
I talk a little bit too fast.
I like the summer. and pimm's. and strawberries. I miss the Swedish summer, but I like the English summer too, so it's ok. 
love is small things like when George surprises me with strawberries after work 
last summer I was really stressed and felt really bad, my body was giving up on me. I learnt my lesson though, never push yourself too far. you'll be paying for it for ages (still a year afterwards).
when I make a cake it's most often something with chocolate in it. yum. I want chocolate cake now. 
right now I'm thinking about everything I want to do this summer.
today I have been at work!
tonight I will watch "From Hell". it's a movie about Jack the Ripper with Johnny Depp as a detective.
tomorrow I will go to work again. but only for half a day.
my phone has got a dinosaur case to protect it.
when I wake up in the morning I don't want to leave the bed.
if I was an animal I would be a cat.