It's been almost a month since I graduated from London College of Fashion on the 11th of April. Sick!! Since then I've been a busy bee house hunting as well as job hunting, and yeah, I've managed to stay ill in some way or antoher during this entire month. Now everything slowly seems to clear up though.
          When it comes to living I've got somewhere to move to in about two weeks (a nice flat to share with the rest of the Swedish House Homeless Flat Mafia!) and until then I'm stayin at George's. So I'm kinda homeless until the 20th, but truth to be told it is a very pleasent kind of homeless. I have someone that cooks for me, I get to sleep in a queen sized bed, I finally have a mirror to do my makeup in (and it's big enough for me to see my entire outfit!), I get to cuddle all nights with someone who is way warmer than me... Being homeless could be worse.
          Also, I've been going to a lot of interviews since last week, and managed to land an internship (that unfortunately won't pay my rent but at least my Oystercard and some food) yesterday. I'm super excited! Yes, as of now I won't be able to survive on it, but it at least pays me some and honestly - I think it might be my dream job so I'll work day and night if I have to in order to make it work.
          And my health seems to go back to normal as well. No more weird infections, colds, fevers etc etc etc. Just some sore muscles from working out. And I can definitely live with that. Yeah, I still got some eczemas and rashes, but that is the life of being allergic - right? As long as they slowly are getting better I know that my body is getting back on track, because when they are at their worst I know that means my body isn't in balance. So yeah, everything is perking up right now. May is a good month, I know it. And don't get me started on June. June is gonna be epic. Not only do I have a weekend in Devon for yet another beerfestival planned, I also booked my flight tickets for a weekend in Sweden the other day. I'm going back home for a few days as my brother is graduating!! And yeah.. that's just some of the exciting things that is coming up. I'll try to keep you posted about everything! 
And yeah, the two films above where shown at our graduation. The top one is made by the amazing Sarah Otting, with Gwen Campion aka Weirdgirlstyle as her model and the one below that one I'm pretty sure you've all seen before - it's Rebecka's film project with me as her model.
Until the next time,
J x