I've been dying to share with you about this Australian skin care brand! They are the number one premium skin care brand in Australia, and they are called Jurlique. They make some wonderful products with ingredients grown on their biodynamic farm down under, and I've had the pleasure to try some of their products out. 
I would highly recommend picking some of these products up as Christmas presents, if you haven't done all your shopping yet. They got the most amazing range, with most of their products being focus around the rose, which they consider the queen of botanicals when it comes to skin care. This means that most of their products have a very distinctive and lovely rose scent. If you are not too keen on roses, they do offer other ranges too (such as lavender, calendula etc).
You can pick up Jurlique products either in their stand alone store on Oxford Street, at Debenhams or on various shops online (e.g. Sephora, LookFantastic, BeautyBay).
I'm a fan of the brand since before, if you follow me on Instagram you'll already know that I swear by their calendula face cream. It's part of their redness rescue range, perfect if you've got eczema prone, sensitive skin. The other products which now are part of my collection are the above, their famous Rosewater Balancing Mist, Activating Water Essence, Rose Hand Cream and their Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum. 
The rosewater mist is such a lovely product, which can be used as a toner and also to set makeup. If you've got dry skin, this is ideal to bring with you during the day and spray over your face to give yourself a hydration boost. I've tried plenty of 'mists' before, as my skin tends to dry out during the day and get flaky and irriated, however most of them mess up your makeup because they are too wet. This is the best one I've tried to date, not splashing your whole face. 

I have only now come to realise the importance of looking after your hand. I often suffer from eczema on my hands, which makes them dry. This ages my hands terribly! I have now started to carry around hand lotion, so that I can slather on generous amounts as soon as my hands starts to feel dry. This one has got plenty of essential oils from the roses they grow on the Jurlique farm, meaning it's highly moisturising. And it smells so lovely.

A highly concentrated serum can make all the difference in your skin care routine - after all, it's what sheet masks are soaked in. I have been using this one for the last couple of weeks, and I've had so many compliments on my skin. My normally dry and flaky face is now smooth and radiant, and even though I can't give it all to this one (I obey a quite long and specific skin care regime), I will definitely say that it wouldnt' be the same had I not been using this one. 
This is one of those products I swear by. I've been using an essance in my skin care routine since April, and it makes such a difference. It preps your skin for the rest of your skin care routine (normally applied after toner, but before serum) and makes sure that your skin can soak up as much moisture as possible from the rest of the products. It gives my skin such a lovely, dewy glow - which if you've got dry skin will now is one of those 'impossible' things to achieve, something you normally will have to fake with a hell of a lot of highlighter and a good foundation. 
If you're not sure which product is a perfect match for you, or which range to go for, visit one of Jurlique's counters in Debenhams or their stand alone store on Oxford Street. In their Oxford Street shop they also have a treatment room where they offer a range of different massages and facials. 
Have you tried any of Jurlique's products before? Which one, and what did you think? 
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