I had such a lovely time in Devon this weekend. We were so lucky with the weather, it was really sunny but not too hot yet. It was nice to go away for a little bit, work has been really busy and intense lately (but so much fun!) that it was nice with a little break. We are going back down again in just a few weeks, hopefully the weather will be just as lovely then but maybe just a tad bit warmer. 
I got my first injection last Thursday as well and I'm happy to say that I have already noticed a difference! I'm much less itchy than I normally am, which is such a relief. If you want to know more about my allergies and this treatment, please follow me on Twitter as I update there regulaly. 
Now I need to go to bed, but we'll speak soon! Good night xx
Har haft en supermysig helg i Devon! Strålande sol men inte alltför varmt. Vad har ni gjort i helgen? x
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