I've got loads of super sweet birthday presents over the last week, one of them being a Lush goodie bag (from Olivia - thanks so much, you are a babe!). These both smell absolutely amazing, which makes me thrilled! As anyone who suffers from sensitive skin knows, the few products which your skin tolerates doesn't always smell of roses. Most of the time, they smell like nothing at all. Now when my skin is better I can use these sorts of products again, the nice smelling ones I mean, and I appreciate them so much more now. My skin is still quite sensitive, compared to 'normal skin', which is why these are perfect for me. Lush products are normally very kind to the skin, and they are also completely vegan (so no nasty stuff y'all). Olivia is vegan, and I'm super intrigued by her lifestyle. I'm not sure I would be able to be vegan, for various reasons, but I do like the idea of it and I am making a consious effort to eating less meat, especially red meat. George is not too happy, being a meat lover and all, but we all got to do what we feel is the best for us (mentally and physically). If you do want to know more about being vegan, please visit Olivia's blog. It's brill. 
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