Last weekend we spent in Devon, and it was so much fun. We have been going there the first weekend of June for the last three years now, there is a beer and cider festival on then which we normally go to. However, this year we were invited to a wedding so we obviously went there instead. It was so much fun and definitely the best wedding I've ever been to. It was all about the guests and everyone having as much of a good time as possible. The wedding and the reception was quite far out and no one had signal when we were out there, which was actually really nice. I honestly didn't even think about it, we were too busy enjoying ourselves.
It was my birthday on Monday, which meant that I had the day off. At work we aways get our birthdays off from work, how nice is that? I also had a day in lieu from working over the a weekend, so I took that on the Tuesday meaning I had a really nice and long 4 day weekend. George also booked it off from work so that we could stay in Devon, which was nice. The weather was amazing and I even managed to get a little bit of a tan!
For my birthday George took me out for the day, first we went on a boat from Brixham to Torquay, and then we went to Living Coasts. Living Coasts is a penguin zoo and I really enjoyed it. They have seals and otters too, and I think the otters where my favourites. They were so cute! Other than that we just spent the weekend catching up with friends and family, eating loads of food and drinking a lot of wine.
Yesterday we celebrated my birthday with our friends in London. We went for a bottomless brunch at a pub in East Dulwich. It was great fun! I've been rather tired today though, because even though we started early in the day we didn't get in until the early morning hours anyway. That's just the way when you've got the best friends making sure you have the best time!
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